Hunter Law Firm Opening New Doors Through Expansion

At Hunter Law Firm, you’ve likely noticed the frequent use of the first-person “I” in previous articles. That’s because you were hearing from me, Anne Hunter, the founder of Hunter Law Firm and proud legal counsel to the people of Tennessee. Going forward, you’ll be seeing more “we” across the board, because we’re excited to be expanding who we are, how we represent you, and what we’re able to offer to clients moving forward.

We recently added Kate Lyons to the team as an associate attorney who bolsters our advocacy for victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Kate brings experience in all stages of litigation, and her presence with the firm opens new doors for how we provide unmatched advocacy, increases the capacity of cases we take on, brings fresh perspectives, and allows founder Anne Hunter to expand the mediation practice at the firm.

We’re excited and want to clue you in on all these new possibilities.

Meet Associate Attorney Kate Lyons

As mentioned, Kate’s education and experience provide unique opportunities for us. She is a graduate of George Washington University and began her career working in-house at a cybersecurity company before moving to a law firm specializing in plaintiff’s employment litigation.

This experience allows Kate to offer diverse perspectives as a former in-house legal employee and a plaintiff litigation attorney. And, to be frank, Kate is from a younger generation that offers unique perspectives on the challenges facing today’s professionals.

This fresh face and voice within our firm allows us to modernize our practice even more, leveraging technology more often and facing modern trends with ease and confidence. Some people fear a young face in the legal realm, but connecting across multiple generations transcends a traditional law firm model that relies on nothing but experience among older generations. We want to be a cross-generational law firm that connects to the real people of Tennessee regardless of their age.

Increasing Caseload Capacity

Being a one-lawyer firm is a challenge for anyone. That’s what we’ve proudly been since inception, but burnout is real when you’re juggling so many intense, involved cases. Adding to our staff allows us to take on more cases without the burnout or burden that comes with it.

We’re all capable professionals, but we’re human. We are able to advocate for you because we experience challenges in our own lives that cater to an empathetic approach to law. But it’s not just litigation and pure legal work that we’re expanding on – it’s Anne Hunter’s mediation practice, as well.

Handling More Mediation

Mediation is an important element of what we do here at Hunter Law Firm. While Associate Attorney Kate Lyons focuses on client caseload, Anne is able to serve as the mediator in more cases. This opens up the type of cases we take on and allows us to serve even more clients in middle Tennessee.

Remember, litigation and lawsuits aren’t the only way to resolve legal issues.

You Found Hunter Law Firm at the Right Time

The truth is: This is only the beginning. Our team plans to continue our expansion because we see a significant need in the types of challenging cases we take on. As we take on more cases and improve our firm’s infrastructure, we will create opportunities for growth that make everything we’re saying even more amplified in the future.

Hunter Law Firm is the advocate for your story that you need. Contact our team and get the legal representation you deserve.

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