Lawsuits and Litigation Aren’t Your Only Option

Having your rights violated in the workplace is demoralizing. People often feel trapped with little recourse other than to drag their trauma out in a courtroom through a lawsuit or litigation. This, of course, runs the risk of retraumatizing victims and often doesn’t produce results for the damage caused.

This is exactly why I became a trained and certified mediator. I have been on both sides of these cases and have seen exactly how challenging it is for victims and their families. I believe in finding solutions without a knock-down, drag-out court case.

So, what can you expect if you opt for mediation over litigation?

Retain Control Through Mediation

You are afforded very little control over your case in the courtroom. All you are able to do is hire an attorney to state your case and hope the judge or jury rules in your favor. There is a time and place for this – not all cases are fit for mediation and not all mediation sessions produce results.

However, mediation as a first option makes sense in most cases. You retain control over the venue and conversation through a collaborative approach to your situation. In my role as a mediator, I will act as a neutral third party who oversees and guides the conversation according to the facts presented by both sides. It is not the job of a mediator to debate the validity of the claims being made.

NOTE: It’s important to clarify the distinct difference between mediation and arbitration. Arbitration is essentially a private court case where a neutral arbitrator issues a legally-binding ruling. Mediation is not legally binding and therefore provides more control over your case. You are in the driver’s seat.

Preserve Your Privacy

My mediation sessions remain completely confidential. You are owed the right to privacy and, unless either party violates this or if the facts of your case are of public interest, the conversations we have remain behind closed doors.

This protects your privacy and allows you to handle the trauma you’re experiencing in your own way without involving an entire courtroom full of people. I empathize with what you’re going through and want to ensure you are not forced to recount your experience over and over again to people who ultimately don’t have your best interests at heart.

Choose Anne Hunter as Your Mediator

As I’ve stated, your mediator is a neutral third party, and bringing me on won’t afford you any favor or ensure you get the results you’re hoping for. So, why choose me to mediate your case?

You need a mediator who is knowledgeable about employment law. I have extensive experience handling cases on both sides – as a defense attorney and plaintiff’s attorney. This experience informs my role as a mediator and allows me to make the appropriate requests and recommendations during sessions.

I mediate cases frequently and work hard for each and every case that comes my way. I am well-trained in a number of techniques, allowing me to individualize sessions and strategize with both parties in a way that produces results.

When you’re ready to opt for mediation, contact Attorney and Mediator Anne Hunter to get the best mediator for your case.

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