Executive Compensation

Protecting Executive Compensation Amid Heightened Scrutiny

Hunter Law Firm works with executives and employers on the complex care required for executive compensation. Due to the nature of roles executives fulfill, contract and compensation arrangements can often be far more complicated and require legal intervention to enforce the terms. We work with executives to protect their hard work and ensure you’re getting the benefits and pay you’re owed. We also work with employers to ensure executive contracts fulfill all state and federal obligations and don’t put their company at risk.

In recent years, executive compensation has been exposed to more scrutiny as the government and investors alike look to dictate the terms of such employment. This requires a comprehensive and experienced approach to your situation, including an overview of the impacts of:

  • Executive plans
  • Benefits
  • Retirement
  • Tax implications
  • Deferred salary (qualifying and non-qualifying)
  • Stock options
  • Employment law
  • & More

We have the knowledge and experience to take on this complex work and ensure you aren’t at risk of having your employment terminated or compensation withheld without due process. To make sure your executive compensation arrangements are legal and properly executed in Tennessee, work with Hunter Law Firm today.