Sexual Harassment

Protecting You From A Toxic Workplace

Our culture has evolved in recent years to acknowledge what has always been true: sexual harassment is not okay in any environment, especially in the office. At Hunter Law Firm, we believe in supporting this with a compassionate approach to victims of these predatory and disparaging acts.

There are several layers to workplace sexual harassment, and we understand why many victims struggle to step forward. There’s a notion that these cases are impossible to prove and the lines are blurred, but we don’t believe anyone should have to feel unsafe at work. We want to help you feel safe stepping into the light and exposing the person(s) responsible for harassing you and potentially others.

The Tennessee Department of Human Resources defines harassment as “any unwelcome verbal, written, physical conduct, or electronic communication that either degrades or shows hostility or aversion towards a person.” If you’re unsure what qualifies for sexual harassment, consider the common acts that are often referred to as harassment:

  • Unwanted verbal or physical sexual advances
  • Sexual joking or nagging
  • Requests for sexual favors in the workplace
  • Use of demeaning and/or sexual photos
  • Sexual gestures
  • Stalking or following

These are just a handful of the many situations that may be considered sexual harassment depending on the circumstances. It’s important to note these acts don’t have to be made or requested in exchange for perks like a raise, promotion, bonus, or any other workplace benefit in order to qualify for harassment.

You may be owed damages such as lost wages and benefits (including those lost in situations where a raise or promotion was withheld in relation to the act(s)), emotional or physical rehabilitation costs, and more.

Hunter Law Firm brings the experience and compassion necessary to handle your case with the understanding that these can be delicate and traumatizing for those involved. Call Hunter Law Firm today to find peace and justice.