How Settlement Agreements Empower Survivors in Tennessee Civil Trials

In the court of public opinion, settlement agreements often bear the weight of misunderstanding and premature judgment. People often assume incorrectly that when a case concludes with a settlement, the survivor was “in it for the money,” or they may interpret the settlement as an indication that no wrongdoing actually occurred and that the other party just paid to end the case. The truth is far more empowering: Read More

The Sensitive Evaluation of Tennessee Sexual Assault Cases

At Hunter Law Firm, we often navigate the challenging waters of sexual assault cases with dedication, legal acumen, and empathy. We frequently handle cases within university and workplace settings – but our unwavering commitment to advocate for victims’ rights expands to other settings when cases present themselves. These individuals were unjustly deprived of a secure environment, essential for their personal and Read More

How to Best Prepare Yourself for Mediation in Tennessee

As a trained and experienced mediator, I know what it takes to prepare for and ultimately earn a favorable outcome in a Tennessee mediation room. Mediation is a crucial alternative to ugly courtroom disputes, offering a private and controlled environment for parties to resolve their issues. Despite its more informal setting, I've noticed a common trend: many individuals approach mediation unprepared, thinking Read More

Hunter Law Firm Utilizes and Offers Co-Counseling on Cases

As a law firm, our team is proud to find a number of different ways to use our legal knowledge and experience to serve the people of Tennessee. This often includes providing co-counseling with other lawyers and law firms on cases that our experience aligns with. The same is true in reverse where we will consult and bring in other firms to co-counsel when necessary. Co-counseling combines the wealth of knowledge and Read More

Starting 2024 on the Job Market: Know and Protect Your Rights

The beginning of the year is one of the busiest times on the job market. Companies frequently use the end of the year to review their finances and make decisions about staffing that reflect their future goals. This, of course, leaves many hard-working Tennesseans without a job, forced to pursue new opportunities. During these critical transition periods, it's important to be prepared and vigilant about your rights. Read More

Hunter Law Firm Opening New Doors Through Expansion

At Hunter Law Firm, you’ve likely noticed the frequent use of the first-person “I” in previous articles. That’s because you were hearing from me, Anne Hunter, the founder of Hunter Law Firm and proud legal counsel to the people of Tennessee. Going forward, you’ll be seeing more “we” across the board, because we’re excited to be expanding who we are, how we represent you, and what we’re able to offer to clients moving Read More

Why Hunter Law Firm Takes on Complex Civil Rights Cases

I have a saying when it comes to the types of cases I take on… “I don’t want to shoot squirrels. I want to shoot elephants.” Of course, I don’t mean this literally. Elephants are beautiful, majestic creatures. But, they’re also complex and massive. This is exactly the type of legal case I prefer to take on in Tennessee. Civil rights cases require a specific type of legal knowledge and dedication. I Read More

Why Won’t an Attorney Take My Case?

You feel you’ve been wronged and now you want justice for what you’ve experienced. I understand you. People are wronged every day and, frankly, justice isn’t an option for everyone to no fault of their own. But, what happens when you feel you have a strong case and every attorney you call declines your case? You deserve to be heard and to tell your story. I advocate for people and their stories and believe in giving Read More

Lawsuits and Litigation Aren’t Your Only Option

Having your rights violated in the workplace is demoralizing. People often feel trapped with little recourse other than to drag their trauma out in a courtroom through a lawsuit or litigation. This, of course, runs the risk of retraumatizing victims and often doesn’t produce results for the damage caused. This is exactly why I became a trained and certified mediator. I have been on both sides of these cases and have Read More

How Much Money Is My Case Worth and How Long Will It Take?

These are often two of the biggest questions any clients have. How much money is my case worth and how long will it take to resolve my case? To be upfront, there is no simple answer to these questions. I believe strongly in advocating for each individual person’s story which means applying each individual’s unique circumstances, experiences, and goals to their legal case. I wish there was a formula (like some law Read More