Severance Negotiation

Finding an Amicable Separation Agreement

Some jobs and careers aren’t forever. Sometimes a job is just a stepping stone to something bigger and/or better in your life. So, when you’re leaving a job it’s important to keep your head up and look ahead to the future. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paid for the hard work you did put in, however.

At Hunter Law Firm, we can help you negotiate a proper and valuable severance with your now or soon-to-be-former employer. Tennessee state laws do not require a company to offer employees severance at the end of employment, but when it’s an option you should make sure you know how to negotiate.

A common misconception about severance agreements is that they are just an extra check on your way out the door. In reality, severance negotiations could include any or all of the following:

  • Monetary payment based on service or negotiated price
  • Payout of unused vacation and/or sick time
  • Extended benefits (could include holdover medical benefits for a period of time or until you get another job)
  • Job counseling
  • Details on returning company property
  • Non-compete agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement

These and many other details could be a factor in your negotiations. It’s best to have someone experienced by your side when you enter these negotiations to make sure you get a legal, fair, and fulfilling agreement in place as you leave your job. Hunter Law Firm is your choice for Tennessee employment severance negotiations. Contact us to get what you deserve before you take that next step in life.