The Sensitive Evaluation of Tennessee Sexual Assault Cases

At Hunter Law Firm, we often navigate the challenging waters of sexual assault cases with dedication, legal acumen, and empathy. We frequently handle cases within university and workplace settings – but our unwavering commitment to advocate for victims’ rights expands to other settings when cases present themselves.

These individuals were unjustly deprived of a secure environment, essential for their personal and professional development. Through civil litigation, Hunter Law Firm is determined to evaluate and pursue every case with the depth and consideration it deserves, acknowledging the significant impact on our clients’ lives.

Tennessee Sexual Assault Civil Cases Need a Target

One of the most basic elements of any sexual assault civil case lies in the identification of a defendant. In instances where the assailant remains unidentified, civil cases against said assailant are unable to proceed due to the absence of anyone to hold directly accountable. However, the scope of potential defendants in sexual assault cases is broader than just the person accused or convicted of committing the crime.

Workplaces and educational institutions may also bear liability for their failure to maintain a safe and secure environment. This accountability is rooted in the premise that such entities have a duty to protect their employees and their students. Universities can be held accountable under Title IX, a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government. This legislation not only protects against discrimination but also provides an avenue for pursuing legal action against institutions that fail to uphold their responsibilities to protect their students and employees.

You Retain Control in a Civil Case

One of the most empowering aspects of a civil sexual assault case is the degree of control retained by the survivor. In criminal cases, which are sometimes running concurrently, the state acts on behalf of the victim to pursue criminal punishment for the attacker. While the criminal justice system seeks to punish the perpetrator through legal means, it does not always align with the personal and restorative goals of the survivor.

In a civil lawsuit, survivors have the opportunity to articulate their objectives, whether they seek monetary compensation, an injunction to prevent further harm, and/or a public acknowledgment of their suffering. This process enables a survivor to work closely with their attorney to come up with a strategy that not only seeks justice but also aligns with their personal healing journey. This personalized approach empowers survivors, providing them with a sense of agency over their path to recovery and justice.

Tell Your Story With Hunter Law Firm

We stand as proud advocates for the people of Tennessee in sexual assault civil cases. You deserve to have your story heard and deserve justice for what you’ve experienced. Our team proudly works closely with sexual assault survivors to come up with the best strategy that achieves their goals through the civil process in Tennessee. We’re not afraid to take on hard cases and will stand by you through the entire process. Contact our team and get the justice you deserve.

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