Why Won’t an Attorney Take My Case?

You feel you’ve been wronged and now you want justice for what you’ve experienced. I understand you. People are wronged every day and, frankly, justice isn’t an option for everyone to no fault of their own.

But, what happens when you feel you have a strong case and every attorney you call declines your case? You deserve to be heard and to tell your story. I advocate for people and their stories and believe in giving people a platform to use their voices.

There are a handful of reasons an attorney will decline a case. I want to explore those reasons further to help you better understand what you’re experiencing.

Nothing Illegal Happened

There is a line between illegal actions and just downright rude or disturbing behavior. The attorneys you’ve spoken to may view your situation as an unfortunate scenario that doesn’t cross the line into illegal activity. Employment attorneys need to understand this line with precision because it’s what makes or breaks their entire careers.

Learning that you don’t have a legal case is a tough pill to swallow. You’re frustrated. You want action. You want recovery for the damages you suffered. Without a case, you won’t make money and your attorney won’t make money.

The law can be limiting for victims of certain behaviors, and I am fully sympathetic to those experiences you’ve had. I also want to protect you from countersuits that result from ignoring the line between illegal and unfortunate.

Bad Faith Cases Cost You Money

If the court and other party determine you took legal action in bad faith, you will be countersued and end up having to pay attorney fees and fines out of pocket. Attorneys are a necessary filter to prevent you from ever facing this situation.

An attorney who takes part in a meritless and/or bad faith case also risks sanctions that can cost them their career. Attorneys may be declining your case because they believe there isn’t enough to build a case with.

You’re Not in a Protected Class

An action that’s illegal to commit against one person may not be illegal against another person. That’s because context is important. Tennessee law provides protections for certain protected classes based on race, skin color, religion, sex, and national origin.

As we’ve noted before, people who are obese are not a protected class which often surprises potential clients. It’s important to follow the law and not perceptions on what classes may or may not be protected.

The Attorney Doesn’t Have Time For You

Sometimes, attorneys are too busy. Just because one attorney says no doesn’t mean another won’t have time to take on your case. You’re also frustrated right now. An attorney might interpret that frustration in a way that prevents them from wanting to work with you.

There are a number of reasons attorneys choose the cases they do. One attorney’s no can be another attorney’s yes.

Still Think You Have a Case? Call Anne Hunter

I want you to be successful and I want you to get the money you deserve for what you’ve been through. I want you to tell everyone that Anne Hunter is the best attorney you’ve ever used.

I’m selective with the cases I take because I know the law in Tennessee and I know how to properly represent the people based on those laws. I can’t guarantee you have a case, but I can guarantee you I’ll hear your story and give you the best possible advice on how to proceed.

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