Protecting Those Who Do the Right Thing

Tennessee is “The Volunteer State” because of over 200 years of people from our great state stepping up and doing the right thing. It’s this virtue we believe should be supported and protected. Sometimes, though, bad actors try to step in and punish those who do the right thing. 

Ultimately, if doing the right thing goes against someone’s values in the workplace then red flags should be raised immediately. Thankfully, state and federal laws protect workers from individuals or companies who would take away employment, pay, benefits, or potential job opportunities from someone for reporting any illegal or immoral workplace activities.

Even though Tennessee is an “at-will” employment state, these protections still extend into our communities. “At-will” just means your workplace does not have to give a reason for firing or refusing to hire someone. If it’s revealed the decision was based on the individual(s) exercising their legal right to report hostile workplace actions then it is still against the law.

If you or a colleague faced workplace retaliation such as wrongful termination or other actions to inhibit your career, contact Hunter Law Firm. We will stand by you when your employer refused to.