How Much Money Is My Case Worth and How Long Will It Take?

These are often two of the biggest questions any clients have. How much money is my case worth and how long will it take to resolve my case?

To be upfront, there is no simple answer to these questions. I believe strongly in advocating for each individual person’s story which means applying each individual’s unique circumstances, experiences, and goals to their legal case.

I wish there was a formula (like some law firms claim to use) to generate an exact dollar amount and timeline for your case. There just isn’t, but my extensive experience does provide some insight into each of these questions once we sit down and get to know each other.

Financial Factors of Tennessee Employment Law Cases

On the money side, a number of factors are at play to determine how much you are owed. The content of your story provides some baselines for the amount I will pursue for you.

Questions I will ask you to determine the financial value of your case include:

  • Do you have physical or mental healthcare costs to recover?
  • Are you owed back pay or lost wages?
  • Will loss of consortium be a factor? (Forced lifestyle changes)
  • Are you owed punitive damages for discrimination or harassment?
  • Can you recover legal and other fees in your specific case?

These are a few of the many matters that impact just how much money you are owed. Employment law cases can be worth a significant sum of cash, but it’s important to also consider what your case is worth to YOU.

Do you want to shoot for a high number and get everything you are owed or do you prefer a quicker resolution that makes you whole while preserving your mental health? I will fight for you, but I will never force you to enter a fight you’re not prepared for or willing to be a part of.

Timing Factors of Tennessee Employment Law Cases

How long will your case take? One factor picks right up where the last section left off – if you are wanting to fight for every dollar you believe you are owed then your timeline stretches longer. If you are looking for a quicker resolution and considering mediation, which is a dispute-resolution process I am trained and qualified to handle, then your timeline could shrink and ultimately wrap up relatively quickly.

The timeline of your case mostly comes down to how apparent the facts are, how much mitigating evidence we need to sort through, and your goals.

At Hunter Law Firm, I advocate for my clients and their story. My goal is not to be a bulldog attorney that hunts down litigation and milks every dollar from every case. Some cases are about more than money. Some cases are about getting what you are owed. I will sit down with you, get to know you and your case, and tell your story in the courtroom in a strategic, compassionate way.

Contact my office to ensure your Tennessee employment law case gets the careful attention it deserves.

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