Finding Solutions Without the Legal Mess

Rules and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels can be complicated and interpreted differently depending on the situation. That’s why it’s sometimes best to skip the legal fiasco entirely and find amicable solutions through mediation.

Attorney Anne Hunter is a Rule 31 Mediator who specializes in guiding you through the mediation process to land on common ground without having to go through an extensive legal battle. As a Rule 31 Mediator, Anne is registered by the ADRC and prioritizes staying up to date on legal changes to better serve her clients and their needs.

Mediation can help you avoid the financial and mental costs associated with the court process as well as protect your privacy as you handle your situation. Mediation keeps the discussions between you, the other party, and a mediator like Anne. If you feel your employment law case is best handled by finding an amicable solution outside of the courtroom, contact Anne and she’ll work with you to find the best outcome.