Protecting Everyone’s Rights in the Workplace

Discrimination cases can often be complicated and convoluted, but the truth is simple: everyone deserves the same opportunities in the workplace regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, pregnancy, or disability. It’s really fairly simple, but at Hunter Law Firm we’ve done enough work over the years on discrimination cases to know not everyone understands and upholds this truth.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is in place to enforce anti-discrimination laws, and you may consider filing a report of charges with them. However, if you haven’t done so yet, we will work with you on this process to ensure a thorough and correct report is filed. We want to make sure you have all avenues to protect yourself and your colleagues from costly decisions that go against one of the strongest core values of our country. We believe you’re qualified because of who you are, not despite who you are.

In a perfect world, we would all be able to trust the professional decisions being made for us would hinge exclusively on expertise and ability above any genetic factors. We know this sadly isn’t our reality, so Hunter Law Firm has dedicated itself to protecting and helping those who are targets of workplace discrimination in Tennessee. Contact us if you’re dealing with a workplace discrimination case.