How Much Money Is My Case Worth and How Long Will It Take?

These are often two of the biggest questions any clients have. How much money is my case worth and how long will it take to resolve my case? To be upfront, there is no simple answer to these questions. I believe strongly in advocating for each individual person’s story which means applying each individual’s unique circumstances, experiences, and goals to their legal case. I wish there was a formula (like some law Read More

Walking the Thin Line Between Harassment and Annoyance

Dealing with high-conflict individuals in the workplace puts everyone on edge. These people seemingly seek out conflict and make everyone else’s lives more difficult with little-to-no reason for doing so. Navigating these relationships to keep yourself and your coworkers safe while still pushing your work forward is no easy task. What’s important to understand is how to differentiate these individuals’ behaviors Read More

Why Hunter Law Firm is the Best Advocate For Your Story

You likely reached this article because you have a story to tell. We all have stories, but some stories require a legal platform to tell and bring justice to. When you visit the Hunter Law Firm home page, the first thing you see is “An Advocate to Your Story.” When you hire me, Attorney Anne Hunter, that’s exactly what you get. I understand how difficult it is to search for, reach out to, hire, and trust a Tennessee Read More

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